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CableJive DockBoss Smart Audio iPhone 6 / 5S to Apple 30 Pin Adaptor


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Connect your Apple device including the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 5S / 5 as well as iPads and iPods to your 30 Pin Apple dock devices.

"Fixed upgrade woes and it future proof!"
"Just what I needed"

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Tom Mayor

iPhone 5
26 November 2012
Fixed upgrade woes and it future proof!
Have you just upgraded from any of the iPhones to the lastest model that has an alien connector? Suddenly realised that all of your docking stations and in car kits are now completely obsolete?! Think again... I bought this cable to continue listening to music on an iPhone dock I have at home, carry on using my iPhone 5 in my car to listen to music and to ensure that I have future proofed myself from another connector change. How long have we had the 3.5mm headphone jack...that isn't going anywhere just yet (hopes!). Anyway, this adaptor has made everything a lot easier and saves me a lot of money on docking station replacement. I don't know what crossed Apples mind but their official '30 pin to lighting adaptor' is quite tall. Meaning that your expensive new iPhone 5 would be sitting aloft a tower that is the adaptor. This put me off. But this cable that adapts any 30 pin dock to headphone jack is perfectly simple and works great. All you need to keep our music playing out of your favourite docking station!


iPhone 5
26 oktober 2012
Just what I needed
Brought this as the new iPhone 5 is not comparable with my old docking system which I used for iPhone 3. This was easy to fit and works well.

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Mer information

The CableJive DockBoss allows you to use your iPhone 5S / 5 with your existing 30 Pin Dock, Speaker system or Car Kit.

Audio Anywhere

On one end of the dockBoss cable is a standard 1/8" (3.5S / 5mm) audio plug that connects to your iPhone 5S / 5 and also a huge range of audio-output devices including laptops, MP3 players, XM and other portable radios, the list goes on. Want to listen to music from your laptop on your dock-enabled desktop speakers? Want to listen to an XM satellite radio in your car through the iPod cable? dockBoss is the answer.

Smart Sounding 

Inside the dockBoss is a very smart set of electronics that help make sure your car, home, or portable system knows what to do to get audio through the connector and to your speakers. dockBoss speaks the language of all systems*. On the front of the dockBoss is a small red indicator light that flashes when things are getting set up, and is solid when it's ready to play audio.

Wired Up

The DockBoss has a 2.5S / 5-foot black cable to extend the reach of your docking station or cable just a bit to give you flexibility in controlling your audio device.

*The dockBoss is not compatible with VW stock stereo systems iPod/iPhone integration kits.

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