DriveTime Sony Xperia Z Adjustable Car Kit


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Hold your phone safely in your car with this fully adjustable DriveTime car holder with included car charger for your Xperia Z.

"Car Phone holder."
"car kit"

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Joseph O'Neill-Byrne
kent UK

Xperia Z Mobile Phone.
12 maj 2013
Car Phone holder.
Looking at what's on the market I thought it would be impossible to get a holder that would remotely fit my phone. Prior to this new holder I had to satisfy yself with an IPad holder which looked like a pizza hanging from my windscreen. I was delight with the unit Mobile fun sent me. If I designed it myself it could not have been better. To say it was custom made is an understatement. It fits the Xperia Z like a glove and tilts to allow you to slip the phone single handed into it. No adjustments have to be made at all. It holds the phone steady while you switch it on and off and type on the screen without shaking. It does not vibrate during travel even if you hit a pothole. It's a well engineered piece of kit that is spring loaded at the top to hold the phone in place. I'm reaally happy with it and highly recommend it to other Xperia Z users. One last thing, it arrived less than 36 hours from ordering. Very well done Mobilefun. Thank you. Joseph.

Angadbrar Singh
southall middelsex

Sony Xperia Z
30 April 2013
car kit
this item is aveey good quality wise and veey handy.i m so happy.

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Use your Sony Xperia Z safely and legally

The DriveTime car holder lets you store your Xperia Z in your car in a number of different ways. The holder is designed so that it can be adjusted to suit you in the car. There are 3 main joints which allow you to adjust the phone into a position most comfortable for you. 

Ball joint allows you to view your Xperia Z at any angle

The DriveTime car holder features a ball joint which allows you to position your Sony Xperia Z in optimal positions for both portrait and horizontal orientations, so you can view it safely and legally in the optimal position when driving.

DriveTime HTC One Adjustable Car Kit

Study and robust design holds your Xperia Z securely

Manufactured from a tough and durable thermoplastic, the DriveTime car holder provides a stiff and stable support for your phone so that it is held securely during motion. The hinges and ball joint not only adjust to any preferred position, but stays there because of the quality construction. This means that your phone will not move or rock when driving over uneven surfaces.

Includes a car charger for battery replenishment on the move

Included with the DriveTime Car Holder is a Micro USB car charger which will keep your Sony Xperia Z fully charged which is especially useful when you are using it as a Sat Nav or when streaming music to your car stereo system.

DriveTime Sony Xperia Z Adjustable Car Kit

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