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IOttie Easy One Touch Android Bilhållare & Qi Trådlös Laddare Recensioner

Ladda upp din Qi-aktiverade Android-smarttelefon snabbt i bilen med denna iOttie trådlösa laddningshållare. Placera din telefon säkert i antingen stående eller liggande medan du njuter av bekväm, snabb och effektiv Qi-trådlös snabbladdning.
Price: 440,49 kr
Ladda upp din Qi-aktiverade Android-smarttelefon snabbt i bilen med denna iOttie trådlösa laddningshållare. Placera din telefon säkert i antingen stående eller liggande medan du njuter av bekväm, snabb och effektiv Qi-trådlös snabbladdning.
 4.6 Stjärnor från 38 Kunder

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a bit pricy but worth it
Good sturdy arm, great suction power (sometimes even too much)
easy to install and use
Good, could be little better. Wireless charging work very well.
This version 4. There's now a v5 but not in wireless charging it seems.

I took a few moments to carefully align the charging coil in my phone with the holder and it works a lot better than some reviews suggest. Even with the Samsung case on, it charges from a few mm apart. With Waze going, it seems to hold the battery at a steady % rather than charge the phone, but it's not discharging so that's OK. Phone gets quite warm though.

At full reach, in my car with firm suspension, carrying a Samsung 9+, it does wobble a little bit, not too much to be a problem, but could do with being thicker and more solid. As is a pals £1 holder from £1 store or somewhere, alas that's not wireless charging, but is very sturdy and has more reach.

And for my car and my usage, it needs another few inches reach, seems that the v5 might have some extra.

The articulation is good and allows fairly good positioning, but a sufficiently stiff 'gooseneck arm', if there was one, and in different lengths, would do better.

The arms seem to grip the phone well & click on fast & firmly.

The charging wire is far to short, and it would be nice if the charging wire was integrated somehow. It's a nice extra that the plug has a USB outlet on it's top.

Service from Mobile Fun was very good.
Great car holder. Good quality product.
The adhesive dash pad seems to be holding fine. I would purchase again.
It’s good
The 2nd we’ve bought (2 cars) the others still going well after 2 years. Previously bought cheaper ones which didn’t last!
Great car charger
Was searching high and low for a car charger for my Google pixel 4. And came across this.
Good delivery and really nice charger. Bonus the port comes with an extra usb slot so other half can charge their phone at same time.
Thumbs up all around. Highly recommended site and charger.
This is a fantastic product and does exactly what I wanted
great product! Great service.
Does exactly as described
Works well
I bought this particular Qi phone holder because it has a long “arm” to reach from the windscreen to near my line of sight and it works well. Yes, there is some vibration, but less than I feared and it is very easy to use, attaches firmly to the windscreen and the wireless charging just about keeps up with the power usage when using mapping on the phone (Samsung Galaxy S7Edge).
Speedy service from MobileFun.
So far, so good
Early days (only had it for a week or so) but the device has a longer “reach” than many, the windscreen fixing hasn’t failed and, though there is inevitably some flexing when fully extended, it isn’t too distracting. The lead is a good length and the charging rate better than a previously device I have been using.
It is also easy to clip the phone into place and release it.
All in all a very good buy and it arrived very soon after ordering.
Sticky Pads Are Terrible
By far the best phone holder I have ever had in the car. The actual holder mechanism is really great and super easy to use with one hand. Side holders don't intrude into the screen like on other holders.

The big downside is the sticky pad. The one that sticks to the dash is excellent, but the one that sticks the suction bit to the arm is really poor. I've bought 3 extra sticky pads at about £11 each now.

I'm about to order another one for another car but this time I'm going to mount that to a Brodit holder (with a little help from a 3d printer).

Can't recommend the cradle itself highly enough though. When the pad is sticking it's pretty good at not bouncing around too.
Good quality product
Product much more robust than cheaper versions i've had before, not used too much yet but seems very sturdy when moving. Good service/delivery etc
Holds and Charges Securely
Purchased to take advantage of mapping Apps on my Samsung Galaxy S9+, this fully adjustable iOttie mount securely holds and charges my phone in its Morphie battery case.

Choice of one-use sticky mounting pad guarantees a flat surface to adhere the mount sucker, and when applied to the windscreen and locked off is solid with, given weight of my device, very little to no bounce.

Finding the phone(case) charging sweetspot takes a little trial and error, but once the lower bracket has been locked off at the correct position, charging so far guaranteed every time. 12V lighter plug has through-USB 2.0 for other devices, with the cable micro-USB tidily plugging into the charger.

Whilst using GoogleMaps and TomTom with Mobile Data and GPS Location enabled (my experience) charger output is very slightly more than device power usage; however,if you run with lots of Apps open it may struggle to keep up, but will still extend battery life and closing Apps will recharge your device.
Funkar bra!
Robust och funkar som utlovat efter 1 veckan användning
Great Product
Very easy to install and use. One handed insertion and removal of your phone in and out of the cradle. Say goodbye to having to mess with cables every time you get in and out of your car.

The wireless charging works seamlessly. The mount is good and solid, with no shaking or vibration when driving.

And finally, the customer service I have always received from Mobile Zap is second to none. Quick, responses and great outcomes.
Great, solid
All informations were in description
Great car phone holder!
After reading other reviews, I purchased this android car holder and have not been disappointed! Easy to assemble on the dashboard or windscreen with strong suction. Great grip/release clips. I haven't used the wireless charger as the cable is compatible with the cigarette lighter. However, I would highly recommend to others considering buying this gadget!
Easy to Fit
Very firm fixing in car, adaptable mounting orientation to find optimum position.

Does not seem to charge reliably when phone has a cover.
Expensive but worth every penny
Good quality using for more than 3 week's work for Amazon as delivery driver so more than 100 time putting on and off from holder on daily basis it's doing well so hand on off easy to use only downfall is not fast charging but helping my phone to go for long so it's a good purchase would definitely recommend ????
Jätte nöjd och enda negativa jag ser är att det ansluts med micro usb istället för usb-c
Excellent product. Easy to install. Very easy to use. Couldn't be happier with it.
Excellent, would thoroughly recommend
Just used with my Samsung Galaxy S7 driving throughout France for 2 weeks. Excellent and no problem using one handed. The side clamps hold in place if you press the buttons in fully so definitely no problem with one hand. Excellent !
Smart and nice holder
Very smart car holder. Nice feeling of quality also.
Great holder
Easy fitting, firm grip and enough wireless charging to allow my Note 8 to keep its screen on all the time and charge up at the same time. I have 2 of these now.
Great piece of kit
One handed mount and dismount with excellent grip once mounted. Wireless charging works very well. Suction mount is excellent and provides great adhesion to a grained plastic surface. Highly recommended product
Couldn't be easier!
Great solution for holding and charging a phone. Simple install to windscreen. So far i have no complaints. The fact that you can just place your phone into the holder with one hand and then it's secure and charging is wonderful. You can't really ask for more. I'm going to buy a second holder for my wife's car.
Brilliant product
This is a excellent phone holder and wireless charger, however the only negative would be once I had placed where I wanted it , I had to take it off again to fix something on it. Getting the sucker to stick again took a very long time. Other than that I cannot fault it.
Disappointed Galaxy S9+
This is a good phone holder for the car but sadly it wont charge my phone while it's in the i-Blason Galaxy S9+ Plus Case.
This is the main reason I wanted a wireless charger so i'm a bit disappointed.
I do reilise the i-Blason case is a Armorbox and is a well made case but I have two wireless chargers in the house that work perfectly.
Received the item not as aspected closes when you put it on but doesn’t open the arms when you take it off you have to use 2 hands to get it off one to a open he arms & the other to lift your phone off so in my opinion is really classed as a one touch charger as advertised.doesnt fas5 charge takes along time to charge your phone.
Best QI wireless car charger out there at moment
Have tried several wireless car chargers on the market
Some are waste of time and money
I tried 2 from mobile fun and this is best of the 2 I tried.
Easy to use . Chargers fast . Hold the smart phone in position good with plenty of adjustment. The auction holder is firm and hold good on dash.
Good quality . Worth the money as good quality and chargers good and future proof for next wireless charging smart Phone I get.
Easy understand instructions with illustrations
Top marks i0ttie
Would Recommend to anyone looking for wireless charging of smartphone
Not perfect but better than all many other I tried before
Good reliable mount with flexibility, not rattling. It is actually charging, not a cheap fake compared to other similar products. May stop charging if you launch too many power consuming applications simultaneously on your device.
Great quality, handy product!
I have been using my Iottie for a few weeks and it is sturdy, easy to use and install. The only downside is when the car has been in the sun (even with a sun shade) the phone cradle becomes hot and it won't charge my phone. Due to the suction cup being so big I found it difficult to place on a Mazda 3 dash. It is great for using my phone in either portrait or landscape and I feel safer using GPS as I can see the map at a glance. Phone is secured with the bottom arms of the cradle. This is a fantastic product and would highly recommend it!
Very sturdy and well made.
Holds an S9+ no problem and charges through a case too.
Great product
Easily the best cradle I've had... definetly worth the money
Very sturdy and easy to use
The mount is very sturdy and much better than my previous phone holder from another brand. The wireless charging and easy mounting is superb, no longer do I need two hands to guide the phone into the lightening connecter - just place, push, and done!!
Very good, near excellent
Very impressed. The QI plate and holder mechanism work really well for both the Samsung S7 and S8 phones. The only issue I had was the USB cable was far too short for the cigarette lighter socket near the armrest in the Audi A6.

I don't have the arm extended, but I do have it in the alternate position to allow me to have the holder lower than the suction cup. It's rock steady in this position, with the only flex being the dashboard itself.

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