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Reviews for Keplar Immersion Universal VR Goggles for iOS & Android Smartphones

The Keplar Immersion VR goggles with built-in headphones adapts your smartphone to view the VR world. With a 120 degree field of view and noise-cancelling headphones, you can completely immerse yourself in a virtual world, play games or watch 3D videos.
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The Keplar Immersion VR goggles with built-in headphones adapts your smartphone to view the VR world. With a 120 degree field of view and noise-cancelling headphones, you can completely immerse yourself in a virtual world, play games or watch 3D videos.
 3.7 Stjärnor från 33 Kunder

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replacement had same issue- button doesn't work
The screen touch button just doesnt work. Replacement had the same issue. Guess it's a low cosy item, so gave up
Solid headset for the price!
Very good piece of kit and the best option around at this price point. The headphones are a bit redundant but overall it’s a decent product. Customer service is very good.
still to be tested
how to get into VR not yet used in earnest this weekend having instruction from computer geek into this VR
Buttons don't work.
Gosh, was excited to use this equipment but the sound volume and the OK button simply does not work. Feelsbad
Very Good
I have never used VR goggles before. This is a fun toy to have.
Unit is well made and comfortable to wear. It does the job well and worth purchasing as a entry level VR and keeps the little ones (and not so little) amused and amazed.
Kids have enjoyed it simple to use and well manufactured. Good unit for intro into vr.
I give it five out of ten
I can not get it focused and it hurts my eyes
Could have been good but....
Bought this to use with an iPhone 6+. It fits well, but no control (button does not work) and no Bluetooth control so you can't navigate menus. Sound works intermittently too.
Ordered a 2nd one of these headsets after purchasing one for my hubby. As I spent more time on it then he did (I kept stealing it)! I figured I should do the honourable thing and give it back. But not before getting my own :) my hubby has an LG G5 which fits like a dream. My Samsung S7 is ever so slightly lose and tends to drop in the case. This allows light at the top. However I'm sure with a bit of jiggery poker my darling hubby will rectify that for me. (Either that or he'll lose his phone soon too) tee hee
Bought this for my son's birthday he is going to love it..Me and my daughter have had fun with it..
Not applicable
I looked at the description of this item with​high hopes. I received the item and was excited to say the least but when I tried to use it with my Moto z force did not work and no matter what app I used or configuration it will not work . I have an item I must now try and resell
MobileFun Svar
Hi William

Sorry to hear you have had issues. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate this.
You can tell this is a cheap item as the graphics aren't great. Had to keep one of my eyes closed to be able to see anything properly too. Pay for what you get I suppose
MobileFun Svar
Hi Tracy

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. The graphics will depend greatly on the device you are using (screen resolution) and the app you run unfortunately and every VR Headset will be limited in this regard.

Try a few different apps, games and videos - hopefully you will get better results the more you experiment.

Hope this helps.
wasn't expecting that much fun
Recently purchased from
Delivered extremely fast.
When I was ordering it, i wasn't expecting it to be that much fun. Highly recommend for ppl who never had VR experience. It's not the best from the best but defo do the job.
Needs a remote control cause you can't access the apps
Very good
I love this item I like this item better than the first one I got from Wal-Mart, I turned around and took the one I got from Wal-Mart back and got my money back I love them they are so real makes everything so real
Not Bad
Worth its price. The only upset is 'Ok' button doesn't work with Samsung S6 edge
Not Bad
Worth its price. The only upset is 'Ok' button doesn't work with Samsung S6 edge
I haven't used to much, trying to find the right media downloads to experience the VR effect. I'm satisfied with the product for now !, best bang for the buck I do believe !
Good Quality but does not work for me
I purchased the Keplar Imersion Headset to work with a Lenovo Fab Pro phone.This phone is bigger than most, but the headset was listed specifically for this phone.

It does not fit. I was under the impression that the compartment size was adjustable. It is not. I will need to return the headset.

However, the headset is good for smaller phones. It has very good near far focus ability. You can also adjust the distance between eyes. The lenses seperate quite far, but I could use them to come in closer.

Sound was great through the headsets. Head gear was comfortable. Plastic around nose was a little sharp and rubbed against nose, but it was nice to have breathing space. This helped the glass not fog up. The little pad on the top of the head was nice. Definitely could see myself wearing these for long periods without strain.

I found that the "ok" button or "selector" on the controller did not work with my phone either. That could definitely hinder use. There were no instructions with the package so I had to guess at most controls. All in all it was a nice product but didn't work for me.
MobileFun Svar
Hi Chris

Apologies for the error. The page has been updated. If you wish to return the item, please let us know so we can sort that out with you.
I'm having the time of my life with this. Don't respond to instincts to walk while wearing it. Two of my dogs and a coffee table agree with me. 360 degrees and lots of free stuff on googleplay to become using to it. Actually when you're in VR, time also can get away from you. This with the built in headset is the best I've found.
Looks great
I was very disappointed that the audio portion of the vr headset
Did not work very long.
MobileFun Svar
Hi Fox

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this headset. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
My iPhono fits into the case good
Keplar Immersion Universal VR Goggles for iOS & Android Smartphones,
The goggles fit well,
The weight is good,
My iPhono fits into the case good,
If I had a criticism it is the body case seems a little flimsy but that could be for weight reasons.
A Good Product
I like to play on fly't simulators now I feel like I am in the plain
It's an easy piece of kit the put together
I was using it two minutes after it came
Really great item very comfy to wear
Really great item very comfy to wear well pleased with it would recommend
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