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Reviews for KeySmart kompakt nyckelhållare och arrangör - Svart

Förvandla din fylld nyckelring i en elegant, modern och kompakt nyckelhållare med KeySmart. Det finns tillräckligt med plats för upp till 8 nycklar, men denna mångsidiga Hållaren kan också rymma USB-minnen och allt annat som är viktigt att din nyckelring setup.
Förvandla din fylld nyckelring i en elegant, modern och kompakt nyckelhållare med KeySmart. Det finns tillräckligt med plats för upp till 8 nycklar, men denna mångsidiga Hållaren kan också rymma USB-minnen och allt annat som är viktigt att din nyckelring setup.
 4.3 Stjärnor från 48 Kunder

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Virtually useless
I found this really fiddly to add keys to and in the end, only managed to put 2 keys in. If I tried to add another one, it would all fall apart before I could fix with the screws. I was intending to buy one for each of my sons, so glad I only purchased one for myself to test it out first.
If you look in the photo, there only seems to be two keys in it. The screws that hold the keys in the unit didn’t seem long enough. Disappointed.
Very useful
Avery useful item, easy to add keys etc. Makes life so much easier, keys in one place and much easier to carry.
Very limited space for no more than 4 keys
I would have liked if the product seller had stated how many keys it would hold as it only holds my 4 keys and I think the screws could have been a bit longer to allow for the screws opening a bit. As it has opened a few times on me.
Many keys don't fit
Takes limited number of keys & won't take mortice types.
Really good service from mobile fun - 1st time I've bought off this site. The key smart is a gift so not able to review it as I've not given it yet.
Get your keys organised
Good to keep all your keys in a compact place, easy to use. Very fiddly to put the keys on for the first time.
Tidy keys at last!
Great idea to keep keys together. A bit fiddly to assemble, but well worth the effort. I would certainly recommend this to anyone with a bunch of half a dozen yale type keys.
Keeps keys meet and tidy as advertised
Ease of putting together with keys if you have bigger fingers it'sa bit fiddly
Fab key holder
I have too many keys for homes and work plus car key. So much less to carry with too many keys with me. Highly recommend
Great idea but on a car key ring it’s awkward to use and open doors, would not buy again ☹️
Super product. Ideal for a Christmas gift
Excellent what of keeping all your keys safe and in the one place
Great Product
Exactly as described. Very neat bit of kit.
not very good
how many time do I need to answer these reviews I answered this a week ago
Great item
How easy it is to slide or swivel the keys out to use. Nice slim,not bulky like a bunch of keys. Very pleased.
Simple, Sleek and Effective. Means no more torn pockets or 'keybite'. Does as stated.
Was a little surprised by delivery time as thought they it may have been posted from within my country. No fault with the product though, except maybe wishing I have purchased the one with a tag for the wife.
An innovative product at a very reasonable price delivered very promptly.

This company is worth following
Works ok, but...
This item appears to be well made and thought out, but I found I could only fit 4 keys and it was full - bit disappointing. Think they should have made it a bit larger to accommodate a few more keys. Otherwise though it is ok.
Slick, but doesn't work with all keys
It's a neat device, slick to hold and fairly easy to use. However the bolts that the keys have to go over are slightly too big for 2 of my keys :/ would have been nice if the specs included the bolt widths. Which doesn't necessarily mean that i would have checked, but worth keeping in mind for others.
Frustrating yet rewarding.
The keysmart is a great product. Once you have got through the frustrating process of getting all the keys on. I’m loving the easy use and slimline profile of the key ring.
Its ok
A good idea but Im not 100% sold on it,

it could be that Ive set it up wrong but find it awkward to get the keys to turn properly
Key Smart Compact Key Holder. Review
Nothing the description was quite good
Good quality
I had a large bunch of keys and wanted to reduce the size to fit in my pocket easier. This deals with all my yale keys well. Its sturdy, well made and well designed
Brilliant product
This item is compact, sturdy and useful, just as i expected.
Not Quite What I Expected
The key holder is great quality. However, all my keys are larger one so they do not tuck neatly into the key holder which defeats the purpose for buying it. I would have been happy if my keys fit like the picture on the website, but after trying numerous configurations the result was still basically the same.

The money back guarantee is not what it seems. You have to send the item back to the UK via a traceable postage method which costs the same or more than the key holder.

If you have small lock and cabinet keys this item is probably good for you.
Compact functionality
Very happy with this product, I fit 2 standard keys and a bike lock key - with what seems to be room for expansion if needed. Say goodbye to rattling/tangled keys in your pocket :)
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