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Find accessories for your device

Official Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Stereo Adapter - White Recensioner

This official Apple audio adapter allows you to connect your traditional 3.5mm audio accessories to your iPhone via its Lightning port. Ideal for use with earphones, headphones or speakers that use a standard 3.5mm AUX connection.
181,49 kr inkl moms
 4.8 Stjärnor från 16 Kunder

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Works great! I don’t like the apple headphones and prefer to use my own, so this works perfectly
First class
Does everything that I have wanted & need
Ideal piece off equipment to use with my Ipad
Quality adapter
Good quality item at a very good price. Allows me to use wired ear phones which I prefer to wireless. Would definitely recommend
Good Adapter
This works well with the new iPhones. Good clear sound using this adapter, I had tried a couple of others from the high street first but the sound was crackling with those.
It makes jack plug headphone work
Its an adapter which adapts. No problems with sound though my only worry is how long will it last as I've already got it caught in my jeans pocket but this is more the fact you need to have a connector not so much the adapter itself!
Works great
As all Apple products , they were great . A bit more money than some others that are available but I am willing to pay the extra .
Great product,Timely delivery
It is a great product. It arrived on time. It works beautifully. Thank you
Useful adapter
Good quality cable which gives good flexibility to use normal headphones. Recommended.
The converter works well. My gripe is that it is not necessary. Apple was the first to do away with the headphone jack, making owners headphones obsolete instantly! I know a converter is supplied but they are prone to having the core cracking due to the moulding of the plastic, hence this replacement.

Unfortunately other companies are following Apples route.
Works fine but pricey
I’m a bit of a sound geek so wanted to make sure my new iPhone Xr could be used with my stereo system; I’d moved from a 6 which had an aux port. It looks fine although a little flimsier than expected and while I haven’t cranked up the stereo, it seems okay.
Annoying that I need one but it seems this is the only decent solution.
Great product
Great product , genuine apple item 2nd one I’ve bought from mobile fun.
Excellent value and does the job
Does what it says on the tin. Not cheap. But what apple product is?
Came very quickly and good price
Came very quickly and good price
Apple connector
What can I say it’s an Apple connector works great
Does what it says on the tin
This is an Apple product so it works just fine.
MobileFun's service was, as ever, spot on.

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