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Olixar 3-i-1 USB-C, blixt och Micro USB flätad hård kabel Recensioner

Det är möjligt att ladda nästan alla Smarttelefons genom att använda Olixars hållbara, snygga och mycket funktionella flätade kabel i stället för de tre laddningsanslutningarna Micro USB, Lightning, USB-C.
Price: 119,49 kr

RRP 178,99 kr | 33% OFF

Det är möjligt att ladda nästan alla Smarttelefons genom att använda Olixars hållbara, snygga och mycket funktionella flätade kabel i stället för de tre laddningsanslutningarna Micro USB, Lightning, USB-C.
 4.4 Stjärnor från 203 Kunder

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No data transfer
I just didn't know I wouldn't transfer my data with this so it is only okay for charging. Otherwise good quality.
Great piece of equipment.
This is my second one, and I love this 3 in 1 idea. Great quality.
The cable is sturdy. Length of cable is small but sufficient. Works well for a central charging point. Good value. Delivery @ 1 full week
3 in 1
love this 3 in 1 charging cable . You have the micro USB, USB-C and the Lightening cable all in one. I have a samsung ph my son has IPhone and younger one uses it to charge his tablet.
Handy in the car too and it is braided tough cable that looks very sleek .

Will definately buy again.
This wasn't a purchase, it was a replacement for a faulty one. No problems with the replacement and very speedy and efficient service.
Very Useful lead with two caveats
If you are looking for a lead to sync many types of phone to your PC, this is not for you it will only sync I Phones.
The leads are great in the car for charging different phones however, I have had three that decided that charging an I Phone was beneath them, whilst charging a Micro USB or USB C Phone was still an acceptable form of life. I have no idea why the leads do this, planned obsolescence?
Exactly what I wanted
Very good
Wont buy again
Cable works for charging, it however does not work with Ford sync which it was bought for. The cable itself is of a good construction.
Can charge two or three devices at once. Great to have in the car where people with different plug options can still recharge. Seems very robust.
3 in 1 charging cable
This is the second of these cables, good quality, and fit just about everything. Got fed up with the family using it so bought another.
Great Cable
This a really useful cable, that charges all my electronics. If they do a longer version will be getting one.
Very good product works well
Got what was advertised
3-1 cable works as advertised. Purchased 2, one for home and one for car. Purchasing a new Samsung is what prompted this purchase.
Excellent product and superb and faster delivery.
Unfortunately flawed
There appears to be a flaw in the iPhone/iPad cable which means that after a short time of use they are not recognised as genuine Apple - so then they don’t charge up my iPhone & I pad - the other two strands work fine - this has happened now with two sets of two
Brilliant - exactly what I was looking for
good cable
This is a good quality item and very useful
brilliant item
excellent product and brilliant service as always.
Excellent product and very useful.
Great piece of kit
so good I've purchased over 10 of them !
In the home , car , caravan and bags
Good design and value
I bought this charger as I needed one for my tablet when I saw this one it was perfect for me, it even has a connector for my grandsons phone.
Great product
Details given were clear so knew what to expect when delivered.
Charging lead
I am really pleased with the charging lead and can charge my phone and tablet at the same time
Not A Bad Product
It's ok if you're charging one product at a time but as the lead is relatively short it's a little awkward to use one product whilst charging another, otherwise good product, good to have different methods of charging
Good but stiff
I put the cable to immediate use. It looks very well made and should last a long time. The only drawback is that the cable is stiffer than some I’ve had. Still you can’t have everything and the very flexible cables aren’t the most durable
Excellent product.
I bought two of these recently and have now received an email offering BOGOF on this product, unfortunatelyI paid full price for mine. One very disillusioned customer.
Useful cable accessory
The only thing which would improve this is something like colour-coding the different heads. Not always easy to choose the right one.
Useful adapter
Very useful combination of cables. Would be brilliant if the ends we're differentiated better, especially the usb c & usb b micro.
Excellent Product and Excellent Service
Placed an order and I made an error with the delivery address. Of course the product didn't arrive and upon enquiry, the error was discovered by their prompt response team and order dispatched with delivery the very next day. 5 Stars for Customer Service and 5 Stars for the product. Thank you.
Does what it should
Solid and seems durable. This does make the cord quite firm/stiff, but it can coil up fine for carrying in a bag or whatever.
Note: It does get slightly warm if charging three high capacity devices, but doesn't really seem to be a problem.
Ideal charger
I have found I just LOVE this 3 charge USB B - USB C - I Phone cable. Its perfect I have one everywhere, in my cars one charger but ability to charge friends phones etc. Have them in my company on the counter for walk up customers. Just Amazing and Durable.....
Good value
Bought for my daughter. Seems sturdy enough. Hopefully it's one she won't destroy
Good cable for charging phones but doesn't work with Android Auto
Seems like a good quality cable but I was disappointed that it would not work with Android auto in my vehicle, which was the reason I wanted it.
Good product
Product as described. Delivered quickly. Three outlets could be improved to make them easier to grip when removing from devices, eg some ridges on the side rather than being smooth.
Really Great Ser
These are awesome cables.With the combination of three of the required cables in use,for all your various devices you are covered.
There is USB-C,Lightning cable for iPhones and devices requiring this type of cable and lastly a cable for USB -2 (or A) for all the older common devices.Worth buying for the ease of all the cables in one package!! Mike
All good so far - handy having 3-in-1
This cable appears to be good quality, having a micro-USB, USB-C & Lightning connector from a single USB-A port is really useful when you have a family with different devices requiring different connectors. Unable to say about ow it will fair over time, but the braiding should help prevent the dreaded break just by the connector!
This product is very useful to plug into your USB socket mostly available on modern cars but while charging my Iphone 8 will not play Sony MP3 player! Still handy to have charging cables for my electronic devices at your fingertips and no messing with change/ swap suitable cables! Purchased this product on the excepting this result!
Amazing product,
Very nice charging cables and convenient too
3 useful connections!
Most useful wire ever.
Works well and charges quickly Thank you
Excellent item
Excellent multi use cable. Highly recommended, I will certainly purchase again
It is quality
Works well with Samsung S9 & Iphone 10
Very convenient & works in car cigarette lighter plug
Very happy with all products from this site
Very Useful
Saw these leads on offer and thought these look useful so bought a set and they’re great. One lead was slightly iffy but I was replaced quickly and without a quibble. Great for use at home or in the car.
I would wanted to know if the product is good quality.
Great product
Purchased this charging cable and does exactly what it says fast to charge and can even charge multiple devices so good looking at buying more
Does exactly what it says. Nice not to have to take multiple cables away with me
Excellent quality. As ordered (buy one get one free) and arrived on time. Love doing business with this company..... not the first time and won’t be the last. Excellent products!!!!! Highly recommend.
Excellent product
Wonderful product ,excellent price, service one of the best. Would recommend.
A handy tool
I don't know apart from the item(s) being great value
Good quality product
Well made cable and the various connectors mean you don’t have the clutter of three different cables, nice and compact.
Limited usefulness
In theory this should be a very useful cable, unfortunately though whilst the USB-C connection does provide a charging facility, it does NOT offer synchronisation. So when trying to link my iPad Pro to my Mac-Mini to synchronise the two using iTunes, the iPad will charge but is not recognised, so cannot be synced. The Lightning connector works fine, but is marked as offering syncing, which perhaps explains the difference. It’s a pity, as it would have been a useful accessory if it provided full functionality
All options covered
Been looking for a lead like this for a while.
Speedy service
I ordered other charge leads which were out of stock and then received email stating no longer supplied by the manufacturer and I could order something different or get a refund. I ordered a replacement which arrived in a couple of days and was refunded the difference. Excellent service
A. Good idea but.....
I may have misunderstood the details about this charger as I thought that it would charge 3 iPhones or iPads but infact it only charges 1 and I’m not sure what other items it charged. Having said that it feels sturdy, is quite compact and works well for charging my iPhone but I still have to take turn with my grandchildren when our iPhones run low
best ever
have bought for members of my family and friends
Simple and Easy
This saves me from a tangle of recharge cables and very handy in car with kids kindles and various phones
Handy gadget
I'm pleased with my purchase. This cable is really useful and well made.
Excellent bit of kit, great quality and strong.
It does what it says on the tin.
Useful and apparently unique
Happy to have bought this. One cable for all my devices, works fine and I have not been able to find any equivalent from any other source. Therefore I bought three😀
Great product, would recommend
Fast delivery, great to deal with
Good quality and useful cable
Useful addition and good quality - works well - have used for a few months now.
Good product
Haven't used it lost but it is good and tough.
Only use it for my new phone the other two apple and Android did not try
Great product
Does what it is supposed to do. Would definitely buy again
Makes life easier
Great for in the house and especially when travelling. Does exactly what it says at a great price.
excellent well made product, very convenient no need for separate cables
product fully explained
Very handy and universal item. They have many uses and are strong,they are definitely worth a second look and purchase
Charges but doesn't do Andoid Auto
Great tool for charging but for whatever reason it wouldn't allow my phone to connect with my VW car for Android Auto. This works over other dedicated single-use cables.
Handy for travel
Great to take with you when you travel - it’s light and allows you to charge up to 3 gadgets from one usb plug in charger overnight.
Practical cable for new iPad and iPhone
If you have a new iPad and an iPhone this cable allows you to charge both from one plug, and you can also add a Kindle. A practical and effective way to charge.
Works well, seems robust
Not had this long but seems robust and well made. I'm always concerned about the Lightning connection shorting on one of the other bits of metal but OK so far. Have both on my desk to deal with any random item that turns up and another in the car, being a mixed Apple/Android household and not having many USB outlets in the car.
Does as described, offer means my wife no longer has an excuse for not charging her phone of friends phones without borrowing mine and forgetting to give it back.
Nothing more than the description given.
Good Cable
Have used this lead on holiday and found it very useful for charging different devices, Cable is flexible and appears to be well made and sturdy
Very practical and robust
Received on time, works well even with Ipad Pro and doesn't slow the charging down, charges all my devices and I now only carry one cable
Very good product, very strong and reduces usb outlet points
Useful if you and the family have different gadgets with different connections that can charged from a power bank.
Good product
Good product fast delivery
Fantastic Service
It was exactly as they described it. Quality braided cable. I am completely happy with it.
Most practical accessory
Great to have all 3 cables in one. Good for travel.
Ok.. but not fast charger compatible.
It's still ok.. can charge all my devices using one socket/cable. But it does not fast charge. I have used Samsung, apple and generic fast charge plugs with substandard poor charging results, normal for most chargers. But still can use to charge 3 of my devices at once. No demeaning complaints, it does what it does like normal chargers.
Not impressed
Not sure that I like the 3 branches
Very Useful lead with one caveat
A great lead that cuts down on the number of untidy cables in the car and home, a mixed Android and Apple one.
The only thing against the lead is that when trying to sync android and pc, there is no automatic detection of the phone when it is plugged in.
A great lead for Charging, not so great one for syncing devices, there is a hint on the lead, the Firewire connector has sync stencilled on it.
Seller team are very good
Everything is very nice all item are in good quality .
Nice piece of kit
such a great piece of kit we now have six around the house , car and caravan !
3 n 1 cables
These are high quality phone charging cables with the ability to charge three different types of ports. Recommended if you have different types of phones to charge at once..
Just what the packing list ordered. No need to say more.
A compact charger
The cable is strong and neat. Does not take up any room and is very strong. Itis mobile and ideal to use at home, work or when traveling.
Well worth it.
Well worth the money
This product is exactly as described. It's durable and for me it's just so damned handy to have for my devices that call have different charging plugs.
Stronger than most cables excellent quality and for once a cable with 3 practical connections
Handy Item
Exactly what I needed
These are the most incredibly useful and well made leads. An absolute gem.
QUALITY PRODUCT, good value for moey
Olixar 3-in-1 USB-C, Lightning & Micro USB Braided Tough Cables are perhaps the most useful cables I own and I have two, originally 4, but my two adult sons have borrowed one each and never returned them as they agree with me, these cables are tough, unbreakable, reliable and the choice of plug makes them virtually universally applicable. So buy one, you guys, or buy two and loan one to your kid, they will love you for it.
Ken Lindrea,
How adjustable it ie: the size from normal to maximum.
This is a great product being able to charge my ipad, mobile and tablet all at once saving otherwise having to use 3 power points and separate cords. Thoroughly recommend
Good gear
All works as it's supposed to. great when you have several USB devices to charge that require different connections.
All the family can use the same one charger cable
3 in 1!
Works perfectly on older Android phones (Micro USB) and Newer Androids (USB-C) also iPhones and iPads. Expect the charging times to increase depending on how many devices are charging.
all in one lead. ideal purchase for family
Product description covered all aspects of item
Just the job for my Key2
Works very well in France too.

Swiss Army knife of a cable
Well made cable. No hint of cheap materials used. Has the feel of a cable that’ll stand the test of time.
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