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Reviews for Olixar inVent Universal Smartphone Magnetic Air Vent Holder

Dock your smartphone effortlessly and with precision thanks to the Universal Magnetic Vent Car Holder. Extremely easy to install with 360° rotation and fully case compatible, this really is the best way to view your phone while you drive.
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Dock your smartphone effortlessly and with precision thanks to the Universal Magnetic Vent Car Holder. Extremely easy to install with 360° rotation and fully case compatible, this really is the best way to view your phone while you drive.
 4.7 Stjärnor från 40 Kunder

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Well constructed. Discreet size with strong magnet. No rattles.
Product is well made, quality materials. It has a very powerful magnet and holds the phone securely. It is also invisible when the phone is attached. Takes up very little room and is very easy to install.
Great product.
Easy to use. Perfect
Excellent little accessory!
It’s exactly what I wanted , though I wasn’t entirely sure that I’d ordered the right thing, until it arrived.
Really nice
This device comes with 2 different magnets (square & circle)
I have a Samsung s22+ this phone it's kinda heavy and sometimes (depending on my driving or bumps) the phone falls so I got both magnets between the case and the phone (one on top and one at the bottom) and it worked.. now my phone doesn't drop at all (you don't have to use the sticker on the magnets if you don't want to, I didn't and they work great!)
A product that works perfectly
simple, stable, perfect functionality.
the magnet function is so awesome - so easy to attach and remove ,,, just drop it on.
and it rotates perfectly and with enough firmness to hold its position.
dont bother looking further - i cant see how any other product could be better.
Good product, just one small omission
Overall, happy with the product. The one small omission and beef I have with it though, is that the round bit on the top, to which the phone is meant to stick to via a strong magnet, is itself simply screwed into the base, not permanently connected. In my case, it wasn't screwed in tightly at all, and while on the road, it promptly fell off, with my phone attached, which fell screen first onto the gear housing and cracked my screen. So I wasn't happy at all. I would suggest, if you buy it, tighten it yourself very tight, turning it clockwise. Whether it works loose and falls off again, I can't say. Maybe some loctite may help prevent that.
Olixar smartphone holder
Product arrived as advertised. It is often difficult to determine quality from the pics and description offered in the advertisement, but in this case my expectations of the product in terms of quality and functionality were met. The unit is solid and adjustable to whatever position i set it to. the magnetic hold on my phone is solid although i have yet to test it out on a journey
Not suitable for a Mini
The magnet is strong, it will hold up a phone easily.
The grip to vent seems strong, but due to the design of vents in my car I could not test this out. The phone holder is simply not suitable for a Mini. If you have a car with sensible vents, go for it. If you have a car where every part of the interior is round, curved, built to be pretty not practical don't do it.
Very good phone holder
This fits very securely into the car vent and is stable. The magnetic holder is great, rough roads don't shake the phone loose yet it comes away from the holder with one hand. Bumpy roads will cause the phone to tilt down as the ball joint is not stiff enough to resist the vibration. The phone. Overall, definitely worth the money and the best car holder I've ever used.
Tidy and effective
Holds the phone securely, nice neat item.
It ok
the product works ok
Firm Grip But Not Sturdy
This is my first air vent holder so I have no basis for comparison. The clamp and magnet are firm and the apparatus fits fine. However, the magnetic head droops seconds after fitting the phone. My phone weighs under 250 grams. There are also absolutely no instructional videos on how to properly install and use the device.
Not a reliable holder
Unfortunately doesn't hold a phone on the heavier and larger size! Falls out of the vent!
Good device
Fits well holds biggish phone solidly
Great little bit of kit
This is great. Easily clips onto the vent and can take the weight of my phone with no problems.
Holds my IPhone 12 Max Pro securely in place while vehicle is moving. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone requiring a magnetic phone holder.
Great price and perfect delivery
Better than more expensive ones.
easier to use and better made than more expensive ones iv had.
I would deffinately buy again.
Excellent product.
Very well made, spring loaded so fits vent very well. Powerful magnets hold the phone very securely!
Very good quality product, good magnet, works very well.
Excellent little gadget
Works best on grills with more vents, but is excellent to hold the phone I place for Google maps navigation etc
Mobile phone holder for the car
This is a quality product that meets my requirements. Make sure that your vent is strong as there is some weight to it but the clasp is strong.
My favorite
This item is great I bought 3 to see the difference & this 1 works really easy with the phone the other 2 were pretty good too including the air vent phone holder to place phone & the popsocket ring the loop looking type. But the magnetic your able to adjust the angle either facing up, slightly down or left & right. All I know is that for my honda civic it works amazing thank you.
Good little helper
Works well and allows vent to operate nearly normally without over heating or cooling the phone
Sturdy and functional
After going through multiple cheap plastic phone holders, this one finally holds my phone and doesn't budge.
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