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Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Cover Glass Screen Protector - Black Recensioner

This ultra-thin tempered glass full cover screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from Olixar with black front offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
Price: 155,99 kr

Var 239,49 kr | 35% OFF

This ultra-thin tempered glass full cover screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from Olixar with black front offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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Great Fit
Easy to fit, great protection.
Five star rating , my front protective screen for my Samsung note fits perfectly and is attached strongly
My review
The quality of the product is excellent but the glass is so thick that i had trouble operating my mobile phone , ie texting etc. I have now removed the glass cover as it was not beneficial to the operation of my device.
Easy to apply
Great screen protector, blends in beautifully with mobile, easy to apply. Cannot comment on scratch and break protection. Took a long time for it to arrive, within timeframe given, but on later end of scale. Got to be patient when ordering it.
Easy to fit and good result
Easy to fit cover that covers my phone's screen thoroughly.
Zero stars really but won't let me leave blank it's because this is the 3rd or 4th screen saver all cracked!!
Shock proof and scratch proof?? Definitely did not get a full week out of any of them and mind my phone with great care. So so...so....disappointed. Zero stars really but won't let me leave blank it's because this is the 3rd or 4th screen saver
Especially as I followed the video exactly and the next day phone on the carpet and cracked since keeps cracking in my bag in my pocket etc. The others scratched in my bag and once it falls its done
Christina D.
Very satisfied
Bubble free when applying
Perfect screen protector
Great fit, looks like it has no protector and very easy to fit. Has been on for a couple of weeks with no peeling at edges.
Top fun
I wanted something reliable and good quality and tough so my stylus would work even with a cover over the screen and that's exactly what it does.
Samsung Note 9 holder
It's great and fit well as not like from ebay onces
Perfect Tempered Glass
This tempered guard is perfectly matched to my Galaxy Note 9.
Glass protector
Yeah very good
Perfect! Just be careful.
Be very careful not to press down on any part of the screen protector if you want to adjust the alignment. You can screw up the adhesive if you aren't careful. Great product nonetheless.
Loosing sensitivity
In the description it is said that the sensitivity will be unlikely, with minimum effect. However I noticed a big difference. I am struggling to type messages, so it works really badly. Nevertheless, my sense that the screen is protected properly is bigger than the thing that I can't text messages or comments, or if I want, I need to press it really very hard at some parts of the screen. It could be that I didn't adjust it properly (who knows?!), however, I followed with the youtube instruction they attach to your purchase and followed all the steps. I liked the package, really good packed with all those small details.
Fits Well
It fits well but doesn't stick down firmly
I have been through countless screen protectors over many years and this one is fantastic. Very good at repealing smudges, east to fit and a fraction shorter on the edges to stop it being caught on cases and coming off
Best service for delivery
Excellent product on quality and a speedy delivery.
Brilliant screen protector
I am in love with this screen protector. Fits perfectly on my note 9. Its clear, very soft to touch and sensitivity is perfect. I am completely and entirely happy with it.
It actually goes within a mm of being edge to edge which is fantastic as most other ones say they are but stop like a cm away from the edges. Also no sticky on show at all either unlike other ones. Excellent product if I could give more stars I honestly would. Thank you. :)
Fantastic product
Great product gives me peace of mind that my valuable phone is protected at all times.
Perfect fit for Note 9
This product was somewhat delayed via the Postal Service. However, it was easy to apply and is perfectly clear and easy to maintain. It protects my investment in a new Note 9, providing me peace of mind against damages.
Very good product
Good deal
I wish it fitted with a Samsung cover but unfortunately, it's not
Glue is only on the edges can't hold in place . It's not compatible with my original Samsung back cover!!!
Comes very nicely packaged. Even includes cleaning products to clean and remove any dust before installing. Easiest screen protector I have ever applied definitely no bubbling with this one. The sensitivity of the screen seemed to not be as good until I found the option to increase the phones sensitivity for use with screen protectors in settings and now it's just the same as without a protector. Cannot fault it in any way. Works really well with the clear Olixar case
Great Screen Protector
After doing some research I decided to go with this screen protector and it was worth it. Clarity is great much better than my old previous tempered glass and once applied hardly noticeable my friends couldn't even tell I had a protector applied. Installation was fairly forgiven don't press the screen protector securely until your happy to as It took me 3 attempts to be happy and dust free! Overall pleased with this product and would highly recommend.
Quality is great but just Not getting the best sensitivity out this screen Unfortunately
Followed the instructional video on how to apply it but still not getting a very responsive screen unfortunately. some part even felt like the screen was not tightly stuck to the phone. Also not compatible with my cover so wish i knew that before buying.
It is super easy to apply (and reapply once you realise how much dust has gotten on the screen within 2 seconds). The touch sensitivity setting has to be changed for sure. The screen becomes very unresponsive with this on but is perfect once the setting is on. It feels very very nice, it's smooth and feels like quality. Only problem I have is with the black bars at the top and bottom. But I guess there's no way around it as the adhesive has to sit somewhere. Just make sure you put it on perfectly (you probably will have to reapply it! But that's okay, the adhesive is amazing) or else the iris scanner will not work! Probably the best screen protector I have ever had my hands on.
Not working for me!
I installed following the instructions and within a day found the seal around the edges weren't working. Not only was all the dust in my pocket getting inside the screen, but trying to operate the phone took several tries even with the sensitivity turned up. I even had a blade of grass inside!
Very bad
It's very very bad
easy to install and looks good
I found the olixar screen protector really easy to install, partly thanks to the helpful video they provided to help me. Once on the protector fits well and looks invisible such is the fit. The screen stays really clear and pretty responsive, I've been really happy with it and love that it protects well should I scratch or bang the screen.
One of the better screen protectors but still not as responsive as using the original phone screen. Tests my patience sometimes, as it takes me half as long to text
Great screen protector and easy to install
I bought this neigh on the day of getting my Note 9, as using the s-Pen I didn't want to scratch the screen, I choose this one as it seemed to be great value for money and was a solid screen protector.
It arrived in a nice box with a link to a video to install and it made it look easy, and well it was extremely easy to install, so I would whole heartedly recommend this protector to every Note 9 owner.
Poor compatibiity
I've bought two items from Olixar for my Samsung Note9. A phone cover and this screen protector. Phone cover was good, as per description. However the screen protector is a huge let down... size fits well however it doesn't sit well on the screen.

One can easily feel a gap/space when you press down in the middle of the screen. It doesn't sit well on the screen, and the gap makes typing really really bad. Not responsive and often missing touches. It's miserable, and surely a letdown
Decent ting
Its a screen protector , it protects the screen
Doesn't fit with an Olixar Raptor case
The Raptor case lifts the screen protector at the edges causing gaps under it so the touch sensitive element does not work properly. After less than a week the adhesion is so poor the protector just falls away from the screen.

Very poor.
MobileFun Svar
Hi Rob,

Sorry to hear that you had issues with the case compatibility of this screen protector. This is actually the full cover screen protector so it is not designed to be used with thicker cases. I would recommend this product for total case compatibility:

Easy to apply
Easy to apply, great touch sensitivity. Thanks MobileFun!

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