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RAC R3000 Premium 1080p HD Dash Cam - Svart Recensioner

RAC R3000 är en premium Dash Cam som ger dig trygghet när du kör. Storskärm av hög kvalitet kombineras med ett brett utbud av avancerade Funktioner och en premiumdesign till ett överkomligt pris för att göra det ett måste för alla förare.
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A great buy.
Arrived quickly and was easy to set up. The menu is not too in-depth and gives I think enough control.
My only criticism is the mount is a tad large. Having said that it has stayed were I put it and doesn't mark the screen when removed.
Is a great product an deliver was in short time, thank you guys.
have a nice day an be careful out there.
Looks good
Looks good but not used it yet
Good Budget / First Dash Cam
This RAC branded dash Cam, is made by Binatone - so it is a budget option. It's very lightweight & compact. Does feel a little plasticy to the touch. It does come with a 16GB micro SD, and a decent length power cable. You can easily route it, round the windscreen to your power socket - with cable to spare (my socket is located near my handbrake). Easy to set up. Haven't had it that long, but so far works fine. I have reviewed the recordings, and was impressed with the HD quality. For a circa £30 price tag, this is a bargain! Recommended.
Excellent product for the cost
Before the purchase I would have the confidence that the quality of picture, captures the details of the incident.
does what it says on the tin.
bought as a secondary or back up to my existing unit (to watch the blind spot for suicidal cyclists) I find this to be a better product than the one I paid over 4 times the price for. highly recommended.
Great dash cam
Bought this RAC dash cam as it was on special offer. I did read up on the reviews before I purchased it and must say I am very impressed with it.
I had it fitted by my local garage so it is nice and secure. Not had it fitted that long but so far seems to be working fine.
Nice clear display and easy to navigate through the menue.
Great camera
A great camera, protects you agains idiotic drivers who say its your fsult. A good product worth the money
So good I bought it twice.
This item is simple to understand and simple to use. It took me 10 minutes to prepare it for use, with hardly touching the manual to understand it. In fact, I thought this item was so good, that this was the second one I bought in a couple of weeks. It does what I wanted and it does it well.
Very good purchase
This dashcam is very easy to set up, it's got a nice clear screen and a cord long enough to keep it out of vision whilst driving. I am very pleased with this purchase
Seems to work well
Only had this a few days, so difficult to give an informed review. It was relatively easy to set up and install and seems to work well. It was also very good value.
Dash Cam.
Appears ideal, but have not fitted it yet.
Simple to set up, thank goodness!
This dash cam is surprisingly simple to set up. I did most of it in about 10 minutes without even looking at the instruction manual. I used the manual for the final, finer setup of this cam. The windscreen mount fits into the camera very easily, and, it sticks onto the window and stays there. In my experience this does not always happen with others.
In fact, my experience was so positive I bought another one for the rear of the car. I like gear that makes life easier.
Very nice little dash cam
This Dash Cam was very easy to install and self explanatory.
First dash cam easy to set up
What kind of memory card is needed but this one had one supplied to get you going a great idea
Very good
Does what it says on the box - happy customer
Star buy
This was the Best Buy I have made in a long time. Simple to install compact . Clear resolution, so happy with the product
Got this having my last one stolen cost me a side window anyway the devise it self works ok the connection to the windscreen is ok but the connection to the windscreen mount dose not seem that strong looks a bit flimsy but anyway time will tell would have hoped was a bit stronger having to fit and remove the device every time you get in and out of the car
Great dashcam
Very pleased, easy no problem set up
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I have already got one of theRAC CAMS in my car and they are extremely helpful for recording my journeys so when I saw the price which I might add I paid twice the price for my first one I put in the back of my car to record up and coming traffic

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