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Reviews for Whitestone E-Jig Twin Pack Full Cover Screen Protector - For Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Whitestone Dome glass E-JIG screen protector for the Galaxy S21 Ultra features innovative E-Jig technology for easy application, ensuring a perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
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The Whitestone Dome glass E-JIG screen protector for the Galaxy S21 Ultra features innovative E-Jig technology for easy application, ensuring a perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
 4.3 Stjärnor från 56 Kunder

Som visar 1- 10 Av 56Recensioner

Whitestone E-Jig Twin Pack Full Cover Screen Protector - For Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Easy to do best screen protector and I've had so far
Poor handeling
My product came damaged my both glass screen protectors was cracked and there was no sign on how to return it back i tryed contactong but there was no reply i will never order from this dealer
Not worth it.
So many steps in the process and the dome thing also chipped the paint of my new phone, luckily the case covers that area. Also the touch responsiveness isn't the best.
It needed to be top quality to be bonded to a £1,400 phone
I followed the link to the YouTube video but it was to quick to be really helpful. I felt it was a bit light on information and tips.
Looks good and quite enjoyable to install
The screen protector certainly lives up to its name. My fingerprint works, but does take it slightly longer to register compared to without it.
The first one I got cracked extremely easily when in my pocket, but mobile fun were fantastic in sending me a replacement. Time will tell if it was just a fluke or just fragile.
Installing it was fun. Some may think it's a hassle, so choose something else if you can't be bothered with the milarky.
Feels good to touch. Only niggle is at the top of the glass protector, it dips slightly downward and then along towards the camera. This creates a lot of reflection from the light on the screen and creates a line of a rainbow type effect.
Easy to use and works as advertised. The jig makes the process a lot easier. Watch the instructional video. Help a lot the first time.
Super fast delivery
I am from Canada. This order arrived super fast. In great shape. The price was perfect and there was no issues. I highly recommend other customers from Canada to do business with Mobile Fun. I certainly plan to do so.
Best tempered glass
Excellent screen protector, not cheap but it's definitely premium quality, messed up my first attempt, but got a perfect installation on second. Just make sure to watch a few videos on you tube before installation
The best screen protector
I've bought this protector for my husbands new phone as I had this for my phone. Its the best screen protector on the market. Despite the fact instructions and video quiet clear my husband managed to mess up the first try. Oops pricey mistake .. second glass fitted as a glove ..
Great product but I had troubles putting it on
Very protective, dropped it a few times and hasn't even scratched. My first batch I ordered both did not apply on properly but they were kind enough to send me a new batch. However, even though the first screen protector from the second batch was applied it still had some bubbles on it.
Does the job !!
Reassured protection for new Samsung 21 Ultra.
NEED to watch video to see whole process then instructions make sense. MUST be a perfectly level surface. 2 sets of protectors provided.
Unfortunately, I have chipped middle edge of screen protector which has broken off a bit of it. Hoping it will hold rather than having to replace so soon. Fingerprint sensor NOT good with protector on so price not warranted.
Best protection
I looked into the best screen protector I could get and by best review it was this one price is high but you get what you pay forno bubbles fingerprint reader works perfectly edges covered exactly what my s21 ultra needs and as always next day from mobile fun
Flimsy doesnt hold up
Used to always install whitestone dome protectors on all my phones for years.

This one for some reason feels very flimsy and has easily cracked just in my pocket. Frustrating after the first one failed to install properly. So will end up having to rebuy or try a different brand.
Bought a second for backup !
This is my second set so that I have a backup ready just in case. (See my first review) There are 2 screen protectors per set but I already cracked one so I'm on my second. The second one went on perfectly again. My phone went flying about 15 feet and hit a metal frame. The protector cracked and did it's job saving my phone. The best in my opinion. I will always use this brand on my phone.
Excellent product
The jig and the process looks a bit daunting at first but it quite straight forward to use and the screen protecter is second to none.
It's perfect
It's perfect even though the installation process can be confusing but it went smoothly as I followed a man instructions on YouTube. also the price need to be reconsidered it's expensive.
Good protector
Screen protector was received within given time frame. Package contains a lot of parts and instruction manual but I had to use video tutorial with it as well as it gave better understanding how it has to be correctly fitted. Result is very good except little bubble in the bottom of the screen that cannot be removed.
Great equipment
Even though a little bit more costly it is well worth the money. It allows you to install a screen protector precisely with no air bubbles.
Fingerprint magnet
Easy to install but it's a fingerprint magnet,very slippy aswell, having problems with fingerprint sensor
Very expensive
Great results... eventually!
First one I received had a fault... It comes with an E-Jig which you wind up and when it is released it lets the glass down slowly, or that's what it's meant to do. When I released the e-jig the top almost fired across the room. The install obviously failed to work properly so I removed the mechanism and tried it again manually but when removing the glass from the jig it caught on a badly moulded bit of plastic and it took the screen away from the phone. I then contacted customer support, who were very helpful and offered to send a replacement. I'm happy to report that the new one went on perfectly, with no issues at all. The results are fantastic, it almost looks like there is no screen protector on the phone at all. It is quite fiddly to install compared to other screen protectors but it is most definitely worth it, I recommend watching a video of the install on youtube before doing it yourself though.
Good but not great
Installation device is handy to ensure the screen is aligned correctly, but once installed the edges chip very easily, so needs to be tougher. But if you're extremely careful with your phone the product will work well.
The best screen protector the market could offer!
Forget about the other protectors out there! Buy this premium one for your premium phone. You want to maximise your protection? Then get this one! Fits real well with my UAG cases
Great product, great customer service
On my original order I had a problem with fixing it correctly on my phone. However after contacting customer service they were very helpful and very quick to respond.
After using the product for nearly a month I've dropped my phone a couple of times and not even a scratch.
The fingerprint also isn't affected at all.
Would recommend.
Great screen protector
Fantastic screen protector, installation is easy if you follow the video instructions of YouTube BUT make sure you use a level surface, I did this first on my table but it wasn't level so the adhesive just ran off to the side.

The only down side to this protector is that when you hold the phone at a certain angle you can see some sort of adhesive pattern under the screen protector. Doesn't effect the screen at all and can only be seen when screen is off or a full white background. Probably down to my own installation error some how.
The only screen protector that reads fingerprints
It is a little expensive but gets the job done. Reads fingerprints and easy to install. Just watch the video before trying by yourself.
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